NIOS Practical Assignments are very supportive in improving the learning skills to make the student acquire more knowledge effortlessly and be a commendable student. NIBTM have established several means and approaches to assist the student learn and be a successful student. NIOS Practical Assignments is one such means NIBTM assists in improving daily study habits in students and provide students exercise in writing answers to questions thus having a type of preparation in the preparation for the final examination. NIBTM has established various modes and strategies to assist the students to learn well and be more successful. NIOS Practical Assignments is one such tool which plays a great role in the learning process with NIBTM. NIOS Practical Assignments assist students to know their development and achievement level and improve daily study habits. They also aid in building analytical and corrective teaching strategy throughout Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs).

Your Internal Assessment will be done through one NIOS Practical Assignments in every subject which will be in a brochure form. The subject teachers at the NIBTM will improve the assignments and give you response and recommendations for development. The NIOS Practical Assignments will also be uploaded on NIBTM website from where students can download them.

From the year 2015-18, Internal Assessment (IA) in Secondary/Senior examination will convey 30% weightage of theory as incessant and wide-ranging assessment. These marks will be displayed in the mark-sheet as well as the marks of external examination which will hold 85% weightage in each subject. NIOS Practical Assignments is applicable for admission through Stream-1 only. NIOS Practical Assignments should be submitted before joining in the Public Examination of the specific subject.

We are a group of expert keen to assist Professional/ Academic students, who usually combating with time to prepare for further studies. Thus, NIOS Practical Assignments are the best preparation models for the students of all classes.

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