There is a basic difference between Literary English and Spoken English. Literary English can connect with the readers while Spoken English helps to communicate linguistically and emotionally with the people standing next to you. There are different accents and pronunciations of words around the world. But one common mode of expressing someone's thought is the kind of language spoken by individuals, which is connecting the world with each other through the same style and accent of speaking. If you are planning to study abroad or you are willing to visit abroad, you need to have the basic knowledge of speaking English as it is the second most spoken language all around the globe and second official language of European Union and United Nations. The fundamental objective is to make out communication through effective listening and speaking. Here in NIBTM, we are providing such courses in "Spoken English" for you.

NIBTM is created with a view to make you confident about your speaking skills in English and our motto is to provide you the best English Spoken Course to make you extraordinary, fluent, smooth and out of the box communicator. We conduct our classes creatively, involving students with learning and knowing fun tricks which eventually make everyone feel more relaxed, comfortable and connected. Our highly qualified and renowned faculties guide the students with making them understand the concept of grammar, enhancing their vocabulary, correcting the way of forming a sentence and helping them gain their own confidence to be fluent and independent in speaking anywhere, in any topic, with anyone. We make sure that you feel so much connected and frank with us over any issue of the course.

Our course is designed and developed by experts consideringthe psychological and social aspects of today's modern world. You will be trained as a fluent native-english speaker with maximizing your potential and capability of expressing your thoughts without murmuring or hesitating. Our classes contain concept of grammar, interactive sessions and activities, conversation sessions, reading and writing exercises, word power, listening activities, group discussions, pronunciation, fluency etc. We may give you extra classes and you may spend extra hours with our faculties to clear your doubts and be free and frank about your issues. As well as we can guide you to face interviews effectively. These all will enhance your creativity and productivity over public speaking skills. Our goal is to take your internal speaker out to the world.

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