Today in our advanced world we all are vastly connected through the internet and the design and illustration we see on every website is definitely an art of creative mind and passionate hands. Here inABC, we train students to design web-pages and to illustrate those with attractive contents. We teach the students to combine their creative mind with tremendous coding skills to get a stunning website. We can also make them go with a client's imagination of the design of his website. Our classes will give you the lessons about basic HTML to advanced HTML5 and CSS to design a website which can stand out from the rests. Our faculties will make you go through the correct approach to coding. There are mini projects and macro projects available for everyone to enhance designing and coding skills.

Although HTML coding and CSS are the basics of designing and making a website, there is another way to design it with a different approach. Wordpress is the tool here to design a website without going into the basics of HTML or CSS. It is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. You just need a computer, a modern browser, internet access and a great mentor like us to start going with WordPress. What makes us different from other tutors is we designed this course as a step by step learning course. We start from the basics and then we enrich students with the advance designing tools of Wordpress. Our highly qualified mentors will get you through the various WordPress themes, plugins and many more. The best part is we conduct our classes with small intuitive steps before divinginto the next level of website designing.

Ofcourse, a design is not enough for a website with online applications. What if there is a website of a bank with real-time transaction details running on it? Just a website design is not sufficient for this case. Our HTML and WordPress classes can undoubtedly make you a great website designer but what about website applications? Luckily, we are not greenhorns in the field of website applications. We have a course on PHP which can give you a title of 'Website developer' also. We have tiny real-time projects to make you understand the logic and needs of PHP. We deliver real-world problem-based discussions about website designs and website applications and also we encourage students to find the solutions with the help of HTML, CSS, WordPress and PHP skills they had learned from us. Our focus is to snatch out your imaginations of illustrations and your creative skills into the online world through website designs and developments.

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